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Injection moulds, Dual-Injection & A Bi-Material

For thermoplastics & thermosets

Convergence Consulting S.r.l. together with Innovation Code Ltd. Pu ò offer, very competitive cost, a high proficiency in ’ Design and manufacturing of injection moulds and thermoplastic and thermosetting materials bi-injection.

The. Realizing injection moulds

The injection mold è an industrial process melting type with which the plastic è introduced by nozzles directly in the Pan by a force d ’ injection. Power channels guide the plastic flow down to the recesses with forms of ’ object to be printed, the molten plastic will stay à in the mold for the time required for consolidation, accelerated by the cooling system. Very important for a high quality moulding of à are the d ’ injection, the strength of plastics, construction tolerances of the mating and slides, conditioning circuit, detailed shapes and point injection. We make a rule d ’ art of molds for plastic products both traditional and complex injection, Thermoplastic products, thermoplastic rubber and technopolymers.

Convergence Consulting è specializes in designing & the construction of injection moulds for the following industries:

  • Beverage
  • Medical
  • Electronic

  • Cosmetic
  • Automotive

II. Bi-injection moulds

For é plastic products manufacturing technologies are rapidly evolving and essential è keep up to date with the new technological à. Injection moulding is quickly evolving showing strong features of versatility à, You è passed in recent years, In fact, from Mono to dual-injection, over moulding and coinjection. To meet the demands of increasingly fast ù production times are indispensable techniques such as digital prototyping, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling that make it possible to reduce the time-to-market product development and at the same time lowering costs of production.

III. Production of moulds in bi-material for thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

Between the different methods of production moulds, the bi-material, è between the ù complex to implement. This type of mold injection molding è an industrial process by which è can aggregate, cover or combine two different materials or two objects. The mold bi-material, with two different types of plastic resins, è used to make components with precise aesthetic requirements, particular requirements for sealing and waterproofing, special needs for performance.

We specialize in the following products:

  • Injection moulds for thermoplastic plastics and polymers
  • Construction steel dies, aluminum and in rapid tooling
  • Mold construction
  • Multi-cavity injection molds
  • Hot Chamber injection molds
  • Plastic injection mould for bicolor/group
  • Prototype molds


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