GOALS: The course on Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal Design / Creo, creates the required skills for the design of parts and assemblies using Sheetmetal, including error handling and creation of production boards. The course includes all functions needed to create sheetmetal parts, drawings and assemblies.
Will be held in particular that there is maximum understanding on ’ ’ Pro/SHEETMETAL module integration all within Pro/ENGINEER / Creo.
The course has two principal purposes: give participants a common language sheetmetal and give you the skills you need to design complete (parts, assemblies and boards); ensure that users apply the acquired skills so associated customer standards.

All ’ concluding the course, students will be able to create sheetmetal models and projects, create blank development, and its production documentation.

REQUIREMENTS: Basic course or introduction to Pro/ENGINEER / Creo.


  • Method of construction of parts Sheetmetal part
  • How to build a feature sheet metal parts
  • Set bend tables for ’ environment Sheetmetal Design; defining the Start Part, definition of the characteristics of an original part of ’ company (template)
  • Documents d ’ sequence using bend tables bends
  • Generation of the model developed (flat state) for the production, with special cases
  • Sheetmetal drawings
  • Converting solid parts standard in Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal
  • Application of UDF ’ s environment Sheetmetal Design
  • Special applications: reforming operations and expansions
  • Information forms specific to Sheetmetal informat

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