GOALS: This course teaches the techniques used to create a mold from a Pro/ENGINEER, using the form Pro/MOLDESIGN. The participant, starting from a template that was created in Pro/ENGINEER, plastic moulds can be achieved using different methods.
Will be, In addition, able to analyze the parts to determine the best way to design the mold and use standard or custom parts to complete the mold.
At the end of this course, participants will be able to design a mold using the form Pro/MOLDESIGN.

REQUIREMENTS: One of the following courses: Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Part Design Training or Fundamentals of Design and at least 2/3 weeks of using Pro/ENGINEER. Advanced Surfacing (recommended).


  • Analysis of the mold of a Pro/ENGINEER
  • Creating assemblies of molding.
  • Defining parting surfaces
  • Defining mold volumes
  • Adding mold components (standard and custom)
  • Definition of mold opening ’
  • Creation of printed parts.
  • Definition of functions of molding.
  • Creating functions for the mold.

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