Mechanical Design

Convergence Consulting S.r. l. along with Innovation Code Ltd., can provide, very competitive cost, precision mechanical components manufactured quickly and with competence.

We work with a team of Best in Class providers, with proven experience and professionalism that uses the latest CAD-CAM tools, such as PTC ProE/Creo ® and the most advanced CNC machining centers 3 and 5 ACEs, as Makin ®, Mikron ®, Okuma ®, etc.

Also, with a careful ’ planning and management capacities of various departments, We are able to produce highly complex mechanical components quickly.


The remarkable Convergence Consulting specialization in manufacturing of precision mechanical components to customer specification, l ’ a high technological level and its dynamism has enabled it to acquire leading customers such as Sacmi, Tetra Pack, Marposs, CPS Color etc, etc.

We specialize in making:

  • Precision plastic components, aluminum, brass and steel
  • Finite complex components on CNC lathe
  • Inserts and punches in steel
  • Guiding columns
  • Nozzles

To complete the supply of the product we make for customer treatments such as : Browning, nickel plating, chrome plating, galvanizing, blasting, pickling. The programming of machine tools is run from the ’ technical office network allowing all ’ company to reduce production time.

precision mechanical parts

precision mechanical parts

precision mechanical parts

precision mechanical parts

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