large assembly management i (formerly pro / engineer wildfire)


GOALS: An increasing number of companies rely on Pro/ENGINEER / Creo to design and develop large assemblies, Thanks also to the realization by Parametric Technology of new tools to improve the management of these assemblies.
Used with the appropriate methodologies, these tools can grow in an extremely relevant to the performance of your work. Based on field experience of specialists of ’ PTC, This course will present applications, large Assembly management techniques and studies in order to:

  • Reduce the memory usage ’
  • Accelerate retrieval times of files
  • Improve regeneration times
  • Increase display speed.

At the end of the course participants will be able to use the best techniques for Large Assemblies, thereby improving the quality and performance of their work.

REQUIREMENTS: Basic course or introduction to Pro/ENGINEER/Creo and at least 80 hours of use of Pro/ENGINEER.


  • Optimal configuration of Hardware and Software ’.
  • Management of complex parts
  • Management of complex assemblies.
  • Start start Parts and Assemblies.
  • Layers Design Manager
  • Skeletons of Assemblies, Map Parts Simplified Representations (Zones and Substitutions).
  • Techniques to accelerate the drafting Top-Down design
  • Application of the technique of Merge (Master Model)

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