Introduction To Creo (Formerly Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire)


GOALS: In this course you will pass from the initial contact with the all ’ use Pro/ENGINEER-based environments & I create to create parts, designs (2D drawings) and assemblies.

Everyone's parents criticize from time to time.
Introduction to Pro/Engineer & Creo.

Particular emphasis is given to new/revolutionary design approach offered by Pro/ENGINEER & Creo, based on solid modeling and realization of its designs, in a parametric and associative environment.
The course is developed through numerous practical applications that guide the student through the whole process of design (creation of parts and assemblies), It also provides the basis for documenting the work done (designs). The student working on real projects of parts and assemblies supported by active advice of ’ instructor.
After completion of this course each student learns the “philosophy” typical design of Pro/ENGINEER & Creo, and is capable of generating parts and assemblies in accordance with the needs of your company. Also acquires the fundamentals for documenting your own work.

REQUIREMENTS: None. Are recommended in any case: familiarity with workstations, with the basic controls of the operating systems and the basic use of ’ operating system editor ’.


  • System fundamentals
  • Creating and managing features
  • Sketching techniques
  • Reference geometries (Datum)
  • Evaluation of parts to build and design philosophy
  • Evaluation of assemblies from build and design philosophy.
  • Pro/ENGINEER functionality & Creo to apply design goals
  • Creating drawings/drawing
  • Project information and utilities

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