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The Concept Design requires not only a good professional, but also a creative mind can think independently and innovatively. In fact, knowledge, You can ò find much more easily than the innovative mind ù. And’ why we're looking for passionate and creative people to come on board only.

To ensure innovation and success in the process of a new product, We implemented a highly effective methodology that consists of a project approach 360 degrees and managing all aspects involved: Quality à, Time To Market, Risk analysis and Impact of the product on the market: “WOW FACTOR”.

Convergence Consulting together with Innovation Code, They offer an amazing concept design and engineering solutions of innovation. During the product development cycle, We employ a wide range of disciplines and technologies “Best In Class”, optimizing product design and performance. L ’ innovation is the Foundation of our working method, and è spread to all our project engagements.

Our measure of innovation è ’ impact of our products simply l deliverable on the success of our clients ' business.

In general the process of developing a new product è divided into five main areas between interrelated. HERE ARE OUR PROCESSES OF CONCEPT DESIGN:

  • Search for solutions
  • Analysis of hierarchy of needs
  • Prototyping

  • Concept Development
  • Design specifications

This methodology allows us to enhance our activities à, skills, tenacity and passion, allowing us to exceed customer expectations and to bring a real innovative element in the development of their products.

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