About us

Convergence Consulting Srl is aa provider of Design and Product Development services established in 1998 by Roberto Pasceri who is still THE CEO .
For over twelve years Paolo Golfarini has the technical direction and is also responsible for training services.
Convergence Consulting is present in Italy with an office in Bologna and also in Thailand in Bangkok through a strategic partner, Innovation Code Ltd.
Currently employs a staff of approximately 20 technician that can became about 50 using the aforementioned collaborations.


To reach the ’ excellence in product design and development is crucial to focus on the ’ elimination of all waste and any activities that do not have added value.
To achieve this we have adopted one of the most powerful philosophies of improvement of ’ last decade: LEAN THINKING.
An appropriate methodology for DESIGN and ’ LEAN LEAN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT can lead to a reduction in time-to-market up to 60%, same staff in planning group/ingegnerizzazionand.
By now it is well established: It is essential to a new way of thinking tended to increase the flexibility of ’ enterprise through a rethinking of the whole product development flow ’.
L ’ adoption of a Lean becomes the ’ winning weapon for all companies best in class if they want to maintain a product and market leadership.

  • Product data management and structured access to business information
  • Fast decision-making, decentralization of responsibilities
  • Cross-cutting objectives of time, cost, quality for the customer
  • Greater orientation towards processes and not to the functions
  • Integration between units and teams
  • Interoperability of persons
  • Leveling of ’ organization

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