advanced surfacing created (formerly pro / engineer wildfire)


GOALS: This course is aimed at teaching of all features and advanced techniques of using Pro/SURFACE. The course is developed through the creation of surfaces and surface support geometry.
It also explains the tools that allow the manipulation of surfaces and l ’ analysis and control over quality and boundary conditions to which the surfaces must comply. Participants will learn how to create different types of parametric surfaces and to use the necessary functions to the subsequent creation of solid models.
At the end of the course each designer will be able to create and manipulate complex parts using the full potential provided by ’ use of surfaces.

REQUIREMENTS: One of the following courses: Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Part Design Training or Fundamentals of Design and at least 80 hours of use of Pro/ENGINEER.


  • Datum curves.
  • Construction methods of surfaces (Extrusions, Revolutions, Blend, Sweep, Flat, Offset)
  • Advanced techniques of surface creation: Swept blend. Variable section sweep.
  • Boundaries quilt
  • Surface extension
  • Analyzing surfaces
  • Tangency between neighboring surfaces
  • Creating solids from surfaces
  • Manipulation surfaces from IGES files
  • Surface information
  • HotPatching and Replace
  • Applications on advanced rounds

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